Why You Need a Horse Trailer

Horse trailers are a huge piece of equipment to invest in. Although they are a pricey piece of equipment, having your own makes it so much easier for you to get your horses to and from places without ever worrying about transportation again. 

If you have horses that are in shows or that race, buying a trailer can save you significant amounts of time and money. If you don’t have your own, you are probably paying commercial rates for the transportation or even shipping fees to get your horses where they need to go. Sometimes, you probably encounter a situation where you can’t even take all of your horses either. Having your own horse trailer, you can go and leave as you please – you don’t need to wait for anyone, you don’t have to worry about loading your animals and making sure they get to their spot safely and no more outrageous fees to pay. If you get a big enough trailer, you could even start renting out a space for another horse and make a little money off of it. 

You are transporting a living, breathing animal. It is your number one job to make sure the trailer is a safe one. It doesn’t matter how fancy it looks from the outside or the cool mechanisms inside, the number one priority is the safety when hauling it around. Many horse trailers come in styles and sizes, making it easy for you to find one that fits all your needs. Popular ones that you see out and about are the bumper pulls. These are trailers that will attach to your car with a hitch. Having this kind makes it easy to attach and detach when you are trying to get from place to place.

One of the best surface types to leave/park your horse trailer is resin bound gravel. This surfacing is great as it is sturdy and ensures that the trailer remains stationary during transportation of the horse. Additionally, making certain that your trailer is parked up on a flat surface is also crucial for safety purposes.

These trailers can usually fit up to four horses, however they are perfect for transporting two. Another popular horse trailer is the goosenecks. These are bigger and heavier trailers that attach onto your hitch. Not any car can pull it though, you will probably need a hefty truck for this to tow it along. If you have more than two horses, this may be the trailer for you. Another type of horse trailer that isn’t as popular is the stock trailer. Think of just an open box without stalls – this is what that essentially is. You can tie the horses up inside so they aren’t roaming around inside during the drive. These are nice to have though because they are more open and get a ton more air in them. 

If you are worried about price, you don’t even have to buy a brand new one either, you can always look around to buy a used one. I have not heard one single person that used to pay shipping fees to get their horses from place to place say that they regret buying their own horse trailer. They are so much happier and life is a little bit easier.