Horse Breeds Overview

Horses are some of the loveliest pets and they can also help you move around with their unparalleled power and speed. There are several horse breeds known today although most people confuse “types” of horses to refer to breeds. The term breed is usually defined as when the subjects have distinct (true) breeding characteristics witnessed over a number of years. The members within such breeds are often referred to as purebred and can be registered in a breed registry.

Popular breeds
There is no scientific definition for breed and this makes it quite open. It is important to note the difference between horses and ponies because they refer to different pets despite the striking similarities. There are probably several hundred breeds or horses known to exist in various parts of the world. Some of the popular horse breeds living today include the following;

• Abaco Barb
This is one of the rarest horse breed and is in fact facing extinction. The Abaco Barb is believed to have descended from the Spanish horses back during the discovery of the new world. Some of the ships on route to the new land did not reach due to shipwrecking or piracy in the Caribbean.

• Akhal Teke
This is another rare horse breed that is believed to be 3,000 years old. It is known for its distinct gazelle-like appearance and some say it may be the last remaining breed of the Turkmene which existed from 2400B.C.

• American Paint Horse
This breed was first documented in 1519 when an explorer carried 2 horses with pinto markings. 2 centuries later, America was populated by horses with paint marking hence the breed’s name.

  • Barb

Native to Middle Asia, Barb is one of the oldest horse breeds and it was famous in the fertile cresent of the Berbes. The name is actually derived from the Barbarous people.

• Camargue
This breed has its origin from the Rhodes Delta found in Southern France and its existence is prehistoric.

As aforementioned, there are hundreds of horse breeds existing today with most named after the regions they were first found or unusual attributes they possess. Other popular breeds include Caspian, Canadian, Budenny, Altai, Anglo-Arabian, Baise, Baluchi, Blazer, Dongola, Dutch, Falabella, Haflinger, Konik, Lusitano, Morab and Pasofino among many others.


When looking for horse breeds to buy, you have several choices. All you need to do is pick the characteristics or attributes you love and then find out the required environment. Not all horses can survive where you live. Nonetheless, you will find many choices that can flourish in your location.